Why Your Skin Looks Dull & How To Fix It Why Your Skin Looks Dull & How To Fix It

Why Your Skin Looks Dull & How To Fix It

Why Your Skin Looks Dull & How To Fix It Why Your Skin Looks Dull & How To Fix It

How To Brighten Dull Skin & Boost Radiance

Does your skin lack radiance? Do you feel dull and tired-looking skin? Are you missing a glowing complexion? You might wonder what is causing your skin to look dull and how you can restore a healthy glow. We are here to help.

This article will take you a closer look at what could be causing your dull-looking skin. We'll also show you how to restore your skin's glow with our top tips.


What's Dull Skin?

There is no one universal definition of dull skin. But dullness is essentially a lackluster radiance, or inability to reflect light well. Dull skin can be described as skin that is dull, flat or grey. It may also feel rough or bumpy. What causes dull skin? There are many factors that can cause dull skin.


What Causes Dry Skin?

Many factors can cause dullness, including your lifestyle and environmental stressors. There are some common causes of dull skin. We'll discuss five common causes of dull skin. Expert advice and suggestions will be provided on how to improve dull skin appearance for a healthier, more youthful-looking complexion. Continue reading to find out the top causes of dull skin.


  • Dehydration

Your skin's appearance will likely be affected if you don't drink enough water. One 2015 study showed a strong correlation between having healthy skin and drinking enough water. Hydration will be improved from the bottom of your skin by drinking plenty of water. A moisturizing oil on your face can also help to bind moisture to the skin's upper layers.


  • Dead skin cells

To make way for new skin cells, your skin naturally sheds millions upon millions of skin cells. Sometimes, however, the dead cells don’t shed as often as they should. They instead build up your skin's surface. The result can be dry, flakey, flakey and patchy skin. Your skin's surface renewability decreases with age. This can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells.


Visible skin aging is primarily driven by external factors. Both sun exposure and pollution are major causes of dull and lackluster skin. Here are the reasons: Both pollution and UV radiation can cause free radicals, also known as reactive oxygen substances. These harmful molecules can alter your DNA, and cause your skin to produce less collagen and elastin. These molecules can also accelerate the appearance of visible signs of aging such as dullness and wrinkles.


Stress can cause your fight-or flight response to kick in. This diverts blood flow from your face and other parts of the body to your muscles, which results in a duller, less vibrant appearance.


  • Sleep deprivation

Your skin can repair and renew itself while you sleep. This happens due to an increase in your body’s melatonin level, a release human growth hormone that allows tissue repair and a decrease in cortisol which is your body's stresshormone. A few poor nights of sleep can cause fatigue, which can lead to a dull complexion.


  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Your complexion can be affected by smoking, lack of exercise and eating processed foods high in sugar, salt, and fat.


  • Aging

It is a natural part of human life to age. Aging skin is inevitable. You can control the aging process but you can create a skin care regimen that provides the nutrients and hydration your skin needs to remain healthy and vibrant.


How to Address Dullness

There are a few things you can do to improve your skin's appearance if your skin is looking duller than normal. Continue reading to learn our six-step regimen for glowing, radiant skin.


Step 1 - Double cleanse to remove makeup and buildup

Wash your face twice daily, once in the morning and one before bed. This will get rid of any oily or built up dirt on your skin's surface and also removes any makeup. Untreated dirt, oil, or makeup can clog pores and cause a dull complexion. Double cleansing is necessary if you have applied a lot of makeup to your skin.


Step 2 - Look for an antioxidant-rich facial oil

Facial oils may seem intimidating to some but they are a great way for quick radiance boosts with lots of antioxidants. Apply a few drops of our lightweight oil to freshly cleansed and lightly damped skin. The skin is revitalized and hydrated thanks to the fast-absorbing formula of rosehip oil and camellia oil. The oil is non-comedogenic and can be used on all skin types, including oily skin.


La Coéss organic face oil can be used with facial gua sha at night. You can use the gua sha and La Coéss organic face oil as a nighttime routine to boost essential moisture, improve circulation, and replenish your skin's natural moisture. It can be used over time to visibly reduce fine lines and leave your skin radiant, smooth, and youthful looking.


Step 3: Wear sunscreen daily

Wear sunscreen every day. This will prevent UV-induced skin damage such as skin dyspigmentation, wrinkles, and aging brown spots.

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