Our Promise : Safe. Pure. Potent.

Certifications of USDA Organic Vegan Cruelty free of La Coéss Organic Face Oil

Skin Left Instantly Refreshed with A Radiant Complexion

+  Effective dermal penetration for deep hydration
+  Increases the speed of cellular regeneration
+  Reduces inflammation for blemish-prone skin
+  Boosts skin clarity through tightening
+  Reduce the visible signs of aging
+  Enhance overall skin health and clarity
+  Suitable for sensitive skin



All Skin Types

+ Sensitive Skin + Allergy-prone Skin
+ Acne-prone Skin + Unbalanced Skin
Female Model with ultra smooth skin using La Coéss Revitalizé Organic Face Oil
Green Leaf Close-up La Coéss Vegan and Organic Face Oil

15 USDA-Certified Organic Active Ingredients Sourced from 10 different countries

Well-tailored formulation of high-performing, plant-based certified organic oils and extracts that deliver optimal nutrients to maintain the skin’s natural youthful functions.

+ Jojoba Seed Oil
+ Evening Primrose Seed Oil
+ Rosehip Seed Oil
+ Carrot Root CO2
+ Camellia Seed Oil
+ Pomegranate Seed Oil
+ Argan Kernel Oil
+ Grape Seed Oil
+ Chia Seed Oil
+ Lavender Essential Oil
+ Prickly Pear Seed Oil
+ Rosemary Essential Oil
+ Avocado Fruit Oil
+ Jasmine Flower Extract
+ Seabuckthorn Berry and Seed CO2


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Intelligent Organic Nutrients Complex

We tested 312 different ingredients from around the world, and purposefully selected 15 winning nutrient-dense, and powerful botanicals. Every active ingredient is grown on organic farm and harvested at the peak of the season to ensure the nutrients remain in their most potent form. Each one carries organic certification by USDA.

+ Rosehip + Seabulkthron
 Soothing, healing rosehip is wild-harvested from the foothills of Andean mountains in Chile;
Omega-rich seabulkthron is from the Alps mountain range in Germany;
+ Jasmine + Avocado
Rejuvenating night-blooming jasmine comes from the Nile delta of Egypt;
Nourishing avocado is grown and harvested in Muranga of Kenya;
+ Argan
The famous natural source of phytosqualane - Argan is grown and harvested in Essaouira of Morocco;
Dropper with Organic face oil close up from La Coéss organic face oil
La Coéss Organic face oil

Obsessive Attention To Every Detail

Our formulation process began with testing the world’s most nutrient-rich, organic plants and flower extracts such as camellia, rose, tea tree, lavender, prickly pear, jasmine, and seabuckthorn. These plants were called “the healer of life” in ancient times because they contained potent and powerful healing properties.

Second, we created a formula by selecting lower molecular weight ingredients, which allows La Coéss Face Oil to penetrate the skin quickly, also by adding ingredients with higher density compounds that linger on surface of skin for better moisture retention and achieving a silky soft touch.

Third, our unique and sophisticated blending process creates a lightweight and silky-smooth formula, ensures people who have sensitive skin could enjoy the powerful and effective skin benefit results without any irritation.

Crafted fresh in microbatches in Portland, Oregon. Our handmade packaging and the stylish, sustainable La Coéss Face Oil glass bottle has been lovingly designed and crafted in Italy. Inspired by premier musical instruments, we selected Wengè Wood to make our La Coéss Face Oil’s dropper, to bring you a natural and elegant experience that sparks joy. 

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Made To Smoothly Parried with Any Skincare Setup or Used as Stand-alone

Apply 3-8 drops to freshly cleansed skin. Use the Revitalisé Organic Face Oil to simplify your skincare routine (replacing your essence, serum, moisturizer, and cream), also could be blend or layer with your favorite moisturizer or foundation to maximize its efficacy.


Start with freshly cleaned (toned) skin.


Place 3-8 drops of Revitalisé Organic Face Oil in the palms of your hand and evenly distribute to face, or directly put few drops on face.


Using an upwards and clockwise stroke, gently massage the oil into your face, neck, décolleté until all of the oil are thoroughly absorbed. 


Feel the soft and calm of your radiant skin. Use your Revitalisé Organic Face Oil both day and night for optimal results. 

young and mature women use organic face oil from La Coéss 

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Are your ingredients Non-comedogenic (Non-pore-clogging)?

La Coéss REVITALISÉ has been designed to prevent clogging or irritation. Every ingredient is selected purposefully and formulated to complement each other. We completely avoid heavy and clogging oils, such as mineral oils or silicones.

How do I use REVITALISÉ Face Oil in my routine?

We recommend apply La Coéss REVITALISÉ on fresh cleansed face or after toner, apply SPF in the morning and mixed few drops into a moisturizer at night as needed.

Read our blog post Should You Apply Face Oil Before Or After Moisturizer  for more information.

Can I use REVITALISÉ Face Oil during pregnancy?

La Coéss REVITALISÉ is safe to use for pregnancy, but as with any active skincare, it is best to consult with your doctor. Check out the story of our lovely customer - Ran's skincare routine with REVITALISÉ Face Oil  when she was at her 5th month of pregnancy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews Write a review