3 Most Promising Asian-Inspired Beauty Trends You Should Try 3 Most Promising Asian-Inspired Beauty Trends You Should Try

3 Most Promising Asian-Inspired Beauty Trends You Should Try

3 Most Promising Asian-Inspired Beauty Trends You Should Try 3 Most Promising Asian-Inspired Beauty Trends You Should Try

Eastern practices and remedies often are considered originated from a holistic natural approach. Beauty and wellness treatments that can be traced back over the centuries are growing in popularity once more. Let’s take a look at the skin care trends inspired by the East, and how you can incorporate them into your self-care routine.

1.    Gua Sha + Jade Rollers


Facial Gua Sha is a massage technique that was originated in China, and can date back to the Ming Dynasty (1300-1600s). Gua Sha was designed to relieve tension in the body muscles, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat. It helps break up fascia, the connective tissue that hugs muscles but can sometimes interfere with optimal circulation. According to a case study from National Library of Medicine, this method is said to stimulate the immune system, have impact to relief for chronic pain (here is the study), and smooth aging signs, like fine lines and wrinkles. While jade roller is actually a type of Gua Sha tool which is used to make the practice easier to perform. The jade roller helps apply gentle stimulation to the face and increasing blood flow to skin, thereby helping the lymphatic system。

How to Gua Sha Correctly

  1. Start with a cleansed face and prep your skin with 5-10 drops of your favorite Organic Face Oil.
  2. Hold the gua sha at a 15-45-degree angle and scrape toward the edges of your face.
  3. Repeat each stroke 5-10 times and enjoy this relaxing ritual 3-5 times a week.

Want to know if Gua Sha actually works? Check this out. If you prefer to use Gua Sha in your beauty routine, shop REVITALISÉ Organic Face Oil and enter code “guasha” to get a gift of White Jade Faical Gua Sha Tool, for the perfect skin care rituals.

La Coéss REVITALISÉ Nutrient Organic Face Oil

Image by Rebecca Goddard

2. Matcha (Green Tea) Powder


Matcha is a traditional Japanese-style, powdered green tea made by taking young tea leaves and milling them into a bright green powder which packs potent antioxidants. In fact, matcha powder is about 10 times more powerful than the green tea powder. And has 10 times more nutrients, antioxidants, caffeine, amino acids and healing properties than the average green tea. Matcha in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, revolved around purity, harmony, and the concept of wabi: imperfect beauty through simple things. Match’s beneficial for the body and mind makes it countless benefit for your body and skin health.

Benefit of Matcha:

1. High in antioxidants
Matcha powder contains high amount of antioxidants, such as catechins, a class of plant compounds in tea. Antioxidants help stabilize harmful free radicals, which are compounds that can damage cells and cause chronic disease.

2. Helps promote heart health
According to the study, match and green tea has been shown to reduce levels of total and “bad” LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides. This makes matcha and green tea can help protect against heart disease.

3. Boosts brain function
Matcha also helps to boost the brainpower of a person, a compound called L-theanine in match has been shown (in this study) to increase alpha wave activity in the brain, which may help induce relaxation and decrease stress levels.

4. Helps you lose weight
Green tea is well known for its ability to enhance weight loss. In fact, studies show that it may help speed up metabolism to increase energy expenditure and boost fat burning. One small study showed that taking green tea extract during moderate exercise increased fat burning by 17%, so it might be a good idea to add some match in your drinks or smoothies.

3. K-Beauty's Skincare Routine (Double Cleansing Method)


K-beauty skincare routine is a rigorous beauty practice that reflects a meditative "me time” in Korean culture. From there, it spreads to the other parts of the world. K-beauty skincare routine was meant to help to increase the inner glow of the skin by cleansing the skin and bring the healthy balance to the skin.

Double cleansing is at the very heart of the K-beauty skincare routine. Probably the most important step in the routine, it is critical in removing all the impurities from your face and prepping to apply the rest of your products. To perform the double cleanse, you start out with an oil cleanser followed by a regular cleanser to properly and thoroughly cleanse your face.

Another eastern extracts used in natural skincare products include Jasmine extract, Camellia oil, Bamboo extract, each with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, which are in all kinds of eastern beauty products. Face oil or oil serums are trending, too. These highly concentrated plant-based solutions lock in hydration and are suitable for all kinds of skin types.

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