Are You Layering Your Skin Care Routine In The Correct Order? Are You Layering Your Skin Care Routine In The Correct Order?

Are You Layering Your Skin Care Routine In The Correct Order?

Are You Layering Your Skin Care Routine In The Correct Order? Are You Layering Your Skin Care Routine In The Correct Order?

When you’re gazing at the hodgepodge of beauty products sitting on the counter, there could be a single burning question in your mind: Is there a special skin care order that I should be doing my beauty care routine?

Perhaps you just bought something new and you aren’t sure how to fit it into the routine you usually follow. This is especially true if it is a product you have not used in the past such as a face oil or perhaps an essence. Due to distinct reasons and product formulations, putting on beauty products in the right order affects how efficiently they get absorbed into your skin. Here is a thorough guide on how to put your skin care products on in the proper order!

Why The Skin Care Order Matters

Our skin has a natural response of acting as a barrier, so it can product our bodies from the outside world and just letting a tiny percentage of the ingredients get through. When using beauty products, however, you want the ingredients to get through several skin layers. If you put them on in the right order, this lets that penetration happen.

Layering Skin Care Products: The Step-by-Step Guide

OK, which beauty product is layered onto which? A simple plan to follow is to put them on using the one that has the thinnest thickness to the one with the thickest, in other words, do it using liquids first, then creams.

Here is the skin care order recommended for putting on your daily skin care products:

Begin with splashing some warm water on your face. Or, if you feel it’s necessary, wash your face using a mild facial cleaner formulated for the type of skin you have.

This is a step a lot of people leave out, but it’s actually vital to include it in your skin care routine. You should use toner or some type of hydrating mist following cleaning and prepping your skin. A toner is essential for revealing the fresh skin and balancing you skin’s pH level, as well as prepping your skin for the next product to penetrate.

After you are done prepping your skin via the toner, it’s time to put on the powerful and nutrient-rich organic face oils or serums. Many times, these are full of antioxidants so it’s logical that you’d want these to be totally absorbed. Additionally, if you’re targeting or addressing precise skin worries, putting on serums or facial oils at this time during your routine is advised to get the best outcome.

Put few drops of facial oil or serum into your palms, then gently pat gently it onto your neck and face. Here is another vital tip: “Put 3 or 4 drops of oil into your palm, then gently rub your hands together so the oil is warmed.” After that, rub the facial oil into you skin using an open palm.

Even if you have oily skin, it’s vital to use a hydrating type of moisturizer so you can lock in the moisture as well as safeguard your skin from an onslaught of situations that happen both night and day! A moisturizer aids in supporting your skin’s natural barrier, plus it keeps the complexion robust as well as healthy. You may put on your favorite moisturizer right after face oils or serums when your skin is still wet. That assists in helping to lock in the moisture as well as all the nutrient filled components you just put on your skin.

When it comes to your skin care regime in the daytime, you should never forget to put on some sunscreen! This is the last part of your beauty care application regime. Mineral and physical types of sunscreen work to block the harmful UV rays from penetrating into your skin and triggering any age-hastening damages. It’s a great idea to get some that also has sunscreen in it when you plan to use it in the daytime.

The neck is a quite obvious, but many times forgotten, extension of the face. If you neglect it, that may mean you’d look like a completely different individual below the chin. There’s no need to purchase a separate product for the neck, just don’t forget to put on the same skincare products for the face onto the neck too, so it is able to gain all the benefits, as well.

Timing Matters As Well

Putting on skin care products in the correct order is vital, but understanding the proper time to put them on is just as vital. Even though a lot of people like completing their skin care regime and then going right to sleep, we advise waiting around a half hour. Taking a little time before you go to sleep lets these products penetrate into the skin, then you won’t be left with lots more skin care products smeared on the sheet instead of staying on the face!

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