Gua Sha Step-by-Step Tutorial Gua Sha Step-by-Step Tutorial

The Benefits of Gua Sha Facial For Skin

One of the best ways to achieve a facelift, contour, or sculpting and see the results immediately is to use Gua Sha board with organic face oil. With regular practice, your skin will enjoy healthier tissues, improved circulation, less puffiness, and firmer facial muscles. Your skin elasticity and texture will also increase, while fine lines will be less obvious. When these things happen, you will look younger, your skin will glow naturally, and your complexion will be more toned.

If it is your first time getting a Gua Sha facial, it is best to have an experienced person or a professional who has undergone training to take you through the techniques. That way, you can study the effects of the treatment on your face, knowing that everything was done right. You don't have to always depend on professionals because you can learn the technique over time and begin to handle the routines yourself.


What do you need to do a Gua Sha facial treatment?

  1. Face Mist - We love rose water mist
  2. Face Oil - We suggest La Coéss Revitalisé Organic Face Oil
  3. Gua Sha Tool

You should employ a Gua Sha tool made with natural stone for this routine. Choose between a gua sha made of Bian, Rose quartz, or Jade. A stone face roller can also work for this purpose but a much milder effect. Check this article to understand the difference between Gua Sha Tool and Jade Roller.

Gua sha offers anti-aging benefits by improving your circulation, right lymphatic flow, and overall skin function. The best method is to direct the Gua sha board towards the lymph flow by working the movement up from the neck. It helps remove toxins, get rid of stagnant energy, and improve skin conditions like rosacea, pigmentation, and acne.


Gua Sha Face Map

The Gua sha face map below shows how to direct the strokes when working on different areas of the face in the right way.


It is crucial to direct the facial strokes in the right direction and the proper manner because it improves the way Qi flows in the tissues of the face. Always direct the strokes towards an area that will reduce skin folding, sagging and improve blood flow.


Steps for Gua Sha Facial

Always start with the cleansed face, and ensure that it is well moisturized before you begin. You must not have any cuts, bruises, or skin damage.

  1. Hydrate your face using a facial mist.
  2. Use a warm hand to apply an oil-based serum or face oil on your face and neck.
  3. Have a firm hold on your Gua Sha stone and move it over your skin with light or medium pressure at a flat angle of about 15 degrees.
  4. Repeat every stroke five times or more if you have time on your hands. Maintain a slow pace, wiggle, and massage your with the stone once you conclude each stroke.
  5. Relax your neck region first; because much tension resides there. Handle the stone in a way that the notched edge faces down.
  6. Begin at the back of the neck and direct your strokes upwards until you get to the bone that sits at the skull's base.
  7. Also ensure that you wiggle and massage the stone after each stroke.
  8. Direct your hand towards the sides of your neck in a continuous upward motion until you touch the bones that rest behind your ears. Place the long edge of the stone downwards at this point, and continue to wiggle after each stroke.
  9. Move towards the front of your neck beginning at your collarbone until you get to the jaw using the long flat edge.
  10. Place the notched end of your stone upward at the middle of your neck and begin an upward stroke until you arrive at the chin bone. Continue each motion five times or more.
  11. Move towards the right area of your face with the stone's notched side and begin to stroke from the chin to the jawline and then the ear.
  12. Rub the stone's long flat side across your cheek moving upwards to the cheek. Begin at the side of the lip and go upwards to the end just before reaching your ear.
  13. Go towards your under-eye area placing the stone's notched below the eye and near the top of the nose while facing upwards. Apply light pressure while stroking the under-eye area. Avoid strong pressure.
  14. Apply the stone's notched across your eyebrow in an upward stroke directed outward through its end.
  15. Begin at the eyebrow covered by the stone's long side, use its flat side and direct your movement upward until you get to the top of your forehead.
  16. The next step is to use the stone's short flat edge of the stone and begin at the point a little rightwards from the middle of your brows and then continue in an upward motion until you reach an end.
  17. Repeat the entire movement on the two sides of your face. 

Once you have followed this process and scraped your facial area fully, the next step is to limit your activities to only light engagements for thirty minutes. Also, ensure that you remain indoors for thirty minutes or more. You can pass time on a hobby, enjoy a movie, drink coffee or tea, take a nap, or read a book, depending on what you prefer to do.


Tірѕ Tо Mаkе Thе Mоѕt Of Yоur Prасtісе

  • Ensure that the tool remains at a level of about 15 degrees with the skin. Avoid placing the tool at a 90-degree angle from your skin.
  • If you notice that your tool is pulling at your skin or dragging, add some oil so that it can slide better.
  • Carry out experiments to determine which tool shape and side are more suitable for your face.


Gua Sha Stone For The Face

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a facial Gua Sha process, you must use the right tools. The material used in the production of your chosen tool is also vital because every material has its properties that can improve the Gua Sha therapy in its own way.

From centuries ago until now, natural materials and semi-precious stones continue to be used in creating Gua Sha Tools.

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