Can Gua Sha Transform Your Skin? Can Gua Sha Transform Your Skin?

Can Gua Sha Transform Your Skin?

Can Gua Sha Transform Your Skin? Can Gua Sha Transform Your Skin?

Here’s Why This Ancient Practice - Gua Sha Is Having a Modern Moment

If you have been following skincare trends on and off social media, you must have come across articles, blogs, and social media posts about Gua Sha.

All the people who praise Gua Sha as a secret to radiant and glowing skin haven't in any way exaggerated the importance of this jade stone. However, Gu Sha is not just an Instagram rave as it might seem right now. It comes from an ancient beauty and healing practice people have used for centuries.

This article will introduce you to the history of Gua Sha, how it works for skincare and deeper healing, and also why the return of this skincare method is one you should be excited about.

What Is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a technique of ancient Chinese medical practice, focused on healing the body of inflammations and alleviating muscle pains.

The treatment entails using a rose quartz stone or jade to enhance tissue drainage and ease stiff muscles. You scrape the Gua Sha in upward motions all across the skin to get results.

In ancient times, the Gua Sha treatment was harsher and perhaps, painful, but the modern version is smoother and gentler on the skin.

The Return Of Gua Sha In Our Modern World

As we approach more modern and innovative practices in skincare, you might wonder why Gua sha is finding its way to the spotlight of modern skincare practices.

This ancient healing practice is more than just a social media trend by influencers and skincare enthusiasts who found a temporary skincare routine. It is gaining so much popularity in these times because people have gotten wind of how effective it is in helping them look and feel their best.

The fact that you don't have to take drugs, injections, or come in contact with chemicals substances that damage the skin or bring about side effects much later is also a plus.

The rave for Gua sha has pushed it into the spotlight for studying, and an increasing number of studies show that Gua sha is connected to benefits for the immune system and the connective tissue.

With the shift towards natural, organic, and by extension, healthier beauty, and cosmetic solutions, the acceptance towards Gua sha is expected. Skin and beauty enthusiasts have their eyes on green beauty approaches for anti-aging as they are safer, healthier, and long-lasting.

As people begin to understand that botox and fillers are simply fanciful skincare practices with several side effects and short-term benefits, the thrill for this skincare technique is fast waning.

Don't you consider it timely, and perhaps, perfect to discover a perfectly natural and healthier way of getting and maintaining younger and glowing skin? Gua sha is the perfect alternative. The affordability and results also contribute to the rush for this technique.

How to use a Gua Sha

  1. Start with a cleansed face and prep your skin with 5-10 drops of REVITALISÉ Organic Face Oil.
  2. Hold the guasha stone at a 15-45 degree angle and scrape toward the edges of your face.
  3. Repeat each stroke 5-10 times and enjoy this relaxing ritual 3-5 times a week.

Here is an infographic about doing Gua Sha Facial.

Please note You can use a guasha on the face, body, and scalp, and it’s best to use with an oil – but never on bare skin

How to Use Gua Sha In Your Skin Care Routine

Use Gua sha at the end of your skincare routine; once you finish applying your face oil. Use upward strokes to gently lift and tighten your skin, and gentle downward strokes to depuff, drain, and detoxify your skin.

Complement Gua sha with a healthy face oil to achieve better skin absorption and penetration for best results. You can find an in-depth explanation about how to use Gua Sha on face from our previous post. La Coéss REVITALISÉ Nutrient Organic Face Oil is one of the best face oil for Gua Sha in the market, since it's all organic plant oils and extracts which give skin a super soft healthy glow.

What You Can Expect from Gua Sha

  • Gua sha reduces skin discoloration caused by acne
  • It eases tension in the facial muscles
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and furrows
  • It restores tissue elasticity and tightens saggy skin 
  • Reduces skin inflammation and calms skin
  • Gua sha removes wastes from facial tissues by enhancing lymphatic drainage
  • Gives the skin an overall beautiful and healthy glow
  • It increases collagen production and circulation.

Final Thoughts on Gua sha

As someone who has used Gua sha, the before and after shots tell the whole story of my experience with this ancient practice.

Gua sha has fast become the best skincare tool for me, as it provides better results than the other facial tools I have used.

True to its acclaim as a broad-ranged healing tool, Gua sha also helps ease headaches and jaw tensions.

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