Best Tips For You To Do Now to Avoid Plastic Surgery Later Best Tips For You To Do Now to Avoid Plastic Surgery Later

Best Tips For You To Do Now to Avoid Plastic Surgery Later

Best Tips For You To Do Now to Avoid Plastic Surgery Later Best Tips For You To Do Now to Avoid Plastic Surgery Later

What You Can Do Now To Avoid Plastic Surgery Later

It is fast becoming a general opinion that undergoing plastic surgery could prove dangerous, especially as you grow older. The cost involved is another limiting factor that discourages most people. When you consider your tight budget and meager funds, you are very likely to steer clear of embarking on such a procedure. Luckily, there are several ways of improving your outlook without necessarily paying hugely for it. 


Sun Protection

Did you know that wearing sunscreen is mandatory every day irrespective of the season? Not only is it compulsory to wear sunscreen but using sunglasses, in addition, is also recommended. Eyeglasses with complete SPF protection are ideal to keep your eyelids safe. You will find yourself squinting outdoors without sunglasses whether or not you have sunscreen on. Exposing your eyes carelessly to UV rays can cause you to develop crow's feet and creases around your eyes. 

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Add an Antioxidant

Be aware that we are exposed to free radicals emanating from our mobile phones, light bulbs, computers, and UV rays. Antioxidants help to combat the damages caused by this exposure. Use skincare products containing retinol, coenzymeQ10, and vitamins for protection. 

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Use Face Oil

Moisturizing your skin should be a regular part of your body care routine. Using a face oil hydrates your skin and gives you healthy skin. Ditching a face oil because you live in the humid tropics or during the hot season isn't ideal. You may think using serum or lotion could replace the need for a face oil, but that opinion is wrong. Go ahead and apply your face oil after the skin absorbs serum. Another myth is that people with oily skin should avoid face oil. That shouldn't be! If you have oily skin, go for non-comedogenic face oil in place of oily types. 

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Do Exercise Regularly

Premature aging and inflammation are caused by the over-secretion of cortisol in the bloodstream. Engaging in regular exercise can help lower your cortisol level, so get yourself involved in workouts. 


No Cigarettes and Drugs

Addiction to dangerous drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and other sniffing or snorting drugs can be harmful to your life. It can lead to overdose, memory loss, mood disorders, and seizures, to mention a few. It could also cause irreparable situations that are risky and unsafe, like fatal accidents and STDs. 

Severe nasal collapse and septal perforation are the damaging effects caused by taking snorted drugs. If you are not careful, you may have to undergo reconstructive surgery of your nasal cavity if you continue using such hard drugs. 

Cigarettes are permitted by Drug Law enforcement agencies, but they are very detrimental to your skin and general health. Smoking causes yellowing and loss of teeth, cancer, heart disease, premature aging, periodontitis, and loss of tissues. 


Reduce Sugar Consumption

Consuming sugar excessively can result in a condition known as glycation where your skin collagen molecules begin to lose elasticity. You start to age prematurely from the age of 35 due to your body sugar level. Taking sugar moderately isn't a bad idea so endeavor to consume it in little amounts henceforth. 


Consider Botox and the Like

Botox has a great number of side effects, just as other plastic surgery operations do, but you may want to try a facelift to eliminate wrinkles or crow's feet. The drawback botox rejuvenation is that if you aren't able to move your muscles, you may develop wrinkles. 

Gua Sha is an age-long procedure that originated in China, where a gemstone tool is used to smoothen your wrinkling skin. Gua Sha helps to revive your aging skin to achieve a youthful glow naturally. It involves a lift or gentle pull in the form of a massage. Although the process may take longer than a surgical procedure or injectables, it is the safest of all. It has no side effects except that it gives you a permanent solution. 

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