How To Create a Super Simple & Effective Natural Skin Care Routine How To Create a Super Simple & Effective Natural Skin Care Routine

How To Create a Super Simple & Effective Natural Skin Care Routine

How To Create a Super Simple & Effective Natural Skin Care Routine How To Create a Super Simple & Effective Natural Skin Care Routine

With everything going on right now, it can be easy to skip out on the self-care routine. And a skin care routine can be one of the first things you ditch when you have a busy schedule.

But your skin deserves better care. Even if your schedule gets crazy, having time for a natural skincare routine is not stressful at all. A well-created natural skincare routine not only pays off in the long term but also makes an immediate positive effect on the skin.

At La Coéss, we are an indie natural beauty brand dedicated to hand-picking the best botanical ingredients from all over the world to give you radiant, revitalized skin. In other words, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

The best way to care for the skin is through a holistic approach. When it comes to the effectiveness of skincare products, it’s not about how complex the formula of the product is, but about what ingredients and the quality of ingredients it contains. In this article, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to building a natural skin care routine that you can always rely on.

Let’s talk about everything you need for a natural skin care routine:



At the heart of any skin care routine is a natural cleanser. Conventional face cleansers are designed to break down the oils. However, they often end up strip off the natural oils your skin needs to maintain balance. If you haven’t heard of the double cleansing method, the basic chemistry principle behind is "like dissolves like." Essentially you are cleaning your pores in a natural, gentle, and effective way by dissolves the dirty oils with beneficial oils that can heal, protect, and nourish your skin.

When choosing a 'cleanser' for the double cleansing method, look for natural ingredients like:

  •  Jojoba oil— It balances the skin's natural oil production and adds moisture.
  •  Grapeseed oil— It helps to smoothen the skin by nourishing and promoting clear skin. (Most effectively when paired with other oils.)
  •  Lavender oil— It unclogs pores and is also calm and relieves redness.



Facial toner is one of the skincare products that you may tempt to skip, but it can make a world of difference to prep your skin for better penetration with the rest of skincare products. It cleans the skin thoroughly for other facial products to settle well. It creates an extra clean base for other facial products to set well and be properly absorbed. Natural toner options include:

  •   Green teaIt refreshes and evens out your skin complexion.
  •   Aloe veraIt enables a soothing effect and removes temporary redness on the skin surface.
  •   RosewaterIt removes dirt, refreshes, hydrate, and impurities, and makes the skin surface firm against any form of irritation.

Whenever you want to buy a toner, avoid ingredients like alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, phthalates, parabens, and fragrances.



Keeping your skin well moisturized is the foundation for an effective, natural skin care routine that gives you youthful and glowing skin.

Moisturizers are effective by acting like the body’s own sebum; this is why natural content is the best skin care product to use – your skin does not know the difference, but your body knows.

Moisturizers or face oil are formulated with two different kinds: day and night moisturizers. Day moisturizers are made to stay firm under makeup, and some of them have sunscreen. Night moisturizers tend to be heavier, and some have ingredients like glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, or retinol that make the skin sensitive to the sunlight.

Natural ingredients to look for in a moisturizer include:

  •   Jojoba oilIt is like the skin natural oil; the benefits of jojoba oil are made up of elements that reduce the aging process, and it has an antioxidant boost.
  •   Argan oil – It diminishes imperfection appearance, and it has moisture that is rich in vitamins.
  •   Camellia oilIt aids in giving a beautiful appearance, and it enhances texture.



          Putting this exercise in your routine may seem excessive, but it makes a big difference and level up your whole natural skin care routine. If you want to go the extra mile, White Jade Gua Sha is an excellent facial massage tool to use. It helps with lymphatic drainage, puffiness, blood circulation, and releasing tension. This is something that you will notice a difference if you do it consistently! Also, you wouldn’t believe how much tension you hold in your jaw and eyebrows – this tool will help release so much stress and tension you didn’t even know you were holding onto! 



          For every single day, wear your sunscreen! A natural sunscreen is the best protection from sun damage and UV rays. It will help keep your skin looking young longer and keep it safe from the harmful effects of sun exposure.

          Sunscreen is always the last step in your daily skin care routine after your moisturizer. And a mineral (physical) sunscreen is your best bet if you want to stay natural.

          Whenever you go outside, always remember to reapply your sunscreen, even you are only doing indoor activities. Click on this link for more tips about how to prevent sun damage indoors.

          Now that you have insight into how you can build your natural skincare routine! Find products you LOVE, stick with natural ingredients, and develop healthy lifestyle habits!

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