How To Properly Gua Sha For Best Results How To Properly Gua Sha For Best Results

How To Properly Gua Sha For Best Results

How To Properly Gua Sha For Best Results How To Properly Gua Sha For Best Results

Gua Sha For The Neck & Face

The most effective way to contour, lift and contour your face is facial gua sha. If done properly, facial gua sha can improve circulation and skin health. It also reduces puffiness and helps to smoothen skin texture. This type of change in your skin will give you a brighter, more youthful complexion and a natural glow.

Gua sha is being praised for its ability to provide impressive results in tension relief and sculpting at a reasonable price. Gua sha can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by improving circulation and stimulating healthy lymphatic flow. It will also improve your skin's overall function. As with facial massage, gua sha is practiced in the direction lymph flow. Begin on your neck and work your way up. This will help to move stagnant energy as well as the accumulation of toxic substances, which can ultimately improve other conditions such pigmentation, acne, and rosacea.

The traditional gua sha was made of jade stones. The shape of the Gua Sha is important as it should fit the contours of your face and be easy to hold. You should look for one that has multiple angles and divots, which will allow smooth gliding along your jawline, cheekbones, and under the eyes.


Is Gua Sha Actually Effective?

All that being said, can gua sha live to its hype? We think so. Not only because of its skin-smoothing properties, but also because it is a holistic practice that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and releases tension in your body. Consistency is the key to getting the best skin care results. Experts suggest starting your Gua Sha routine with 2 to 3 days per week, and then moving up to every day.

According to a study published in Journal of Science and Healing, gua sha can boost microcirculation by as much as 400%. This results in a youthful, healthy glow. Consistency is key. It's important that you set realistic expectations when starting a new skin care routine.


Gua Sha's Benefits for the Neck and Face

What are the benefits to gua sha Gua sha can be used for any skin type and concern, even those with acne. Stuck skin means that circulation of fluids and blood is slow, which makes it more vulnerable to inflammation and swelling. Facial gua sha improves lymphatic circulation, and thus drainage. It also improves blood circulation quality and energy ("qi") circulation.

Gua sha is also good for:

  • Contour the face with sculpting and shaping
  • Improves product absorption
  • Relaxes muscles and relieves tension
  • Increases circulation
  • Reduces puffiness

Neck tension can be caused by the amount of time we spend on our phones and computers each day. This affects how our neck functions. Gua sha is a method that helps to relieve tension in muscle and tissue, which allows our bodies to function at their best. You can get more blood circulation, vital fluids, and energy back to your skin and tissues through increased circulation. This can help reduce the signs of aging that many fear.


Gua Sha Techniques for the Neck and Face

This guide will show you how to properly gua sha the neck and face for the best results.

  • Use 4-10 drops of your favorite facial oil. We recommend La Coéss REVITALISÉ Face Oil.
  • Begin at the base of your neck and glide the tool towards the jawline on either side.
  • Next, move outwards from the middle to the ear.
  • Finish by sweeping your cheeks across, ending at the hairline.
  • Move from your eyebrows up to your hairline.
  • From the eyebrows to the hairline, sweep.
  • Next, move upwards from your middle forehead to your hairline.
  • You can do the same thing on the opposite side of your face.
  • Each area should be swept between 3-10 times before you move onto the next.
  • Place the flat side of the tool against your face. You may feel the gua sha tool tugging on your skin. If this happens, you can add more oil to your face.


Products To Use When Gua Sha

Make sure to prepare the skin with an oil that gives enough flexibility for the gua sha instrument to glide over it. Avoid tugging on the skin as this can lead to irritation and redness. You can add more of the product if you feel it is happening. Our  La Coéss REVITALISÉ Organic Face Oil is highly recommended for your gua sha routine.

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Our ultra-hydrating REVITALISÉ Nutrient Organic Face Oil is our signature multitasking facial oil. It protects the skin from drying environmental pollutants, increases elasticity, and smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This product is a winner because it contains skin-loving ingredients such as organic rosehip oil, organic seabuckthorn oil, organic jojoba oils and other 12 potent organic oils to reduce dryness and give you a youthful glow.


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