How To Apply Your Facial Oil Like the Pros How To Apply Your Facial Oil Like the Pros

How To Apply Your Facial Oil Like the Pros

How To Apply Your Facial Oil Like the Pros How To Apply Your Facial Oil Like the Pros

Best Ways to Apply Face Oil

You’ve probably used face oils for a while now, but still don’t know how to apply face oil correctly. So we tried and tested several ways to come up with the best possible ways to apply your face oil. Here are some new and unique ways to apply face oil like a pro.

    1. Mixing face oil into your body lotion. If you have tried a few different body lotions and are still unable to achieve the optimum results. Then try mixing a few drops of your face oil with your moisturizer. They work best in combination. The face oil will help lock the hydration deep into the skin. This also makes absorption easier and faster.
      2. The best remedy for sunburns. If you’ve got your skin burnt in the sun, face oil can also help. Mixing face oil with your aloe vera gel and apply it to your skin, will help boost the healing process most naturally.
        3. Adding face oil to your foundation. There are days when all you want is a natural no-makeup glowy look. The best hack to achieve a light and moisturized foundation is by mixing a few drops of face oil with your foundation. This will lighten up the coverage to give a more natural look to your makeup.
          4. Best makeup remover. Face oils are the best choice when coming to get your makeup off after a super hectic day. They will deeply clear all the makeup stuck in your pores. No need to buy an expensive makeup remover when you have good face oil on hand.
            5. Makeup primer alternative. Face oils can be a great moisturizing base for your foundation. Applying a few drops of face oil before the foundation will help you achieve a flawless dewy makeup look.
              6. Applying a mixture of face oil and moisturizer is the most hydrating combo for your skin. It will provide double benefits to your skin, keeping it fresh and glowing all day long.
                7. The best possible way to say goodbye to dry flaky skin is to use high-quality face oil regularly. Face oils work best against dryness, no matter if applied during the day or at night.

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