How Seasonal Changes Can Mess With Your Skin How Seasonal Changes Can Mess With Your Skin

How Seasonal Changes Can Mess With Your Skin

How Seasonal Changes Can Mess With Your Skin How Seasonal Changes Can Mess With Your Skin

What Causes Our Skin Problems When The Weather Changes

Have you noticed that when seasons change, your skin type may change as well? We love to experience and appreciate changing seasons in all their beauty, but we cannot escape the weather and environmental changes they bring, as well as the damage it causes our skin.

Although you might have already noticed a few changes to your skin between seasons, let's take a holistic look at how your skin reacts differently to seasonal changes. We'll also consider the best skincare products to protect your skin in those seasons.


How Cold Weather Affects Your Skin

The coldness of autumn and winter can cause your skin to be dry, flaky, and irritated. This happens because extremely cold temperatures, strong winds, and low humidity rip the moisture off your skin. If you have central heating in your house, it could further worsen your skin condition because hot air is low in moisture as well.

Excessive dead skin can block your pores and lead to the development of acne, regardless of your age-not an experience anyone wants to have.

Beyond that, the comfort eating many persons do during the cold weather could also be contributing to skin breakouts, but most people don't realize it. When you eat meals high in carbs, you could upset your hormonal balance, and the effect could be acne and bad skin quality.

Although there's no singular solution for this seasonal issue, you can adjust your skincare routine and include exfoliators for dead skin removal, gentle cleansers, and heavier moisturizers and oils for the dry patches.

These solutions help strengthen the skin barrier and prevent it from breaking down due to the weather and temperature changes.

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How Hot Weather Affects Your Skin

When the weather is warmer, your skin complexion can switch from normal to oily. This happens because higher temperature makes the skin produce more oil and begin to look greasy. These changes make your skin prone to breakouts.

Also, greasy skin makes your makeup look like it is melting, and doesn't give you a great appearance when you apply makeup.

The best method to protect your skin from the changes occasioned by hot weather is to add cleansing products to your skincare routine. These products will help prevent discoloration and breakouts. You should also consider using a lightweight moisturizer over a heavier one.

You'll also need to drink more water to improve your hydration because dehydration can make your skin irritated and dry. It can even cause patches to form on your skin.


Seasonal Skin Care Tips

Your skin might become dry and irritated during the transition period between warmer and cooler months. It's best to switch from your usual lightweight summer lotion to a more nourishing and richer one to replenish your skin. 

Face oil is great, regardless of your skin type, because it offers long-lasting hydration, nourishes dry skin, and balances the skin while improving skin elasticity.


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