Is Natural Beauty Really Better? Is Natural Beauty Really Better?

Is Natural Beauty Really Better?

Is Natural Beauty Really Better? Is Natural Beauty Really Better?

Natural beauty is booming and having quite the lasting moment now. We have more access than ever to a transparent beauty industry with some high quality, luxury natural beauty for skin, body and hair. However, defining ‘natural’ varies, it depends on brand. We can find the words like natural, organic, clean, green, nontoxic, etc.

What is natural beauty exactly? To us, natural beauty can be termed as skincare products that are made from natural products which have been proven to have no damage to its users or the environment.

Using natural beauty means committing to caring for your well-being and the earth at large. Through proper research to discover the transparent natural beauty products, we can distinguish questionable products from the nourishing ones.


How Beauty Products Affect Our Health

Beauty industry is one of the least regulated consumer product categories on the market, which means it’s actually legal to sell personal care products that contain harmful chemicals linked to cancer and other serious health concerns. The biggest difference between natural and conventional beauty products is the ingredients it contained. Although traditional beauty is different from the food industry, it sells products that have endless lists of ingredients, and many of these products names are complicated. This is the reason an average consumer finds the list of ingredients name useless.

Advocates of natural beauty and critics have termed these complicated lists of products as hideout for toxic chemicals. In the last ten years, there have been scandals upon scandals questioning the skincare products we use on our bodies. For instance, parabens, phthalates, and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) are some of the possibly harmful synthetic ingredients.

Furthermore, these harmful substances, synthetic aids, synthetic fragrances are associated with numerous health complications. From various researches, fragrance chemicals are termed as hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, asthma triggers, and allergens. Synthetic fragrances do not make skincare products quality; we’ve only come to accept that perception.

Also, mineral oil often used in many skin care products. It has potential to clogs pores, causes acne, and numerous skin complications. It also does not allow other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin to penetrate.

Owing to these reasons, natural beauty products have established dominance in the skincare industry and have primed themselves as a viable alternative to big brands beauty companies. They claim that their products are chemical and toxic-free, and most importantly, it does not contain synthetic aids, mineral oil or fragrance. Instead, their products made with plant-based non comedogenic oils which also serves the function of preservatives and fragrance.

To maintain and strengthen our natural lipid barrier, we must replenish our skin with powerful antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. Plant-based skincare contains beneficial ingredients including: Vitamins A-K, Humectants, Proteins, Acids, Antioxidants, Lipids,  Omegas, Probiotics, Peptides and Beta Carotene.

Check out some of our favorite non-comedogenic oils and how they benefit skin:

·  Grape Seed Oil           ·  Argan Oil                        ·  Evening Primrose Oil

·  Sweet Almond Oil       ·  Rosehip Oil                     ·  Jojoba Oil

·  Prickly Pear Oil           ·   Chia Seed Oil                ·  Camellia Oil


How Beauty Products Affect the Environment

Due to the concerns and fears that are associated with the skincare industry, conventional products cause plastic ocean pollution, massive carbon footprint, and their ingredients which include silicone and petroleum are not good for our health. Aside from the health complications, it also damages the ozone layer of the atmosphere.


Practical Tips for Making the Transition to Green Beauty

The interesting news about these alternatives is their easy access and procedure to detoxify and prevent your body from toxic exposure. The most important benefit about it is the experience of positive feelings in the body energy, PMS symptoms, clearer skin, hormonal health, and many more.

We cannot avoid using ingredients that nourishes and strengthens the body, so, it is ideal to look for ingredients that are easily understandable and known to be beneficial through the history. We believe that fewer ingredients are better, and the recognizable ones who are original have a long-lasting effect and don’t complicate your health.

Start your natural beauty journey by checking out our best natural and organic face oil committed to organic, natural, and cruelty-free practices.  

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