This Is Why I’m Switching To Green Beauty This Is Why I’m Switching To Green Beauty

This Is Why I’m Switching To Green Beauty

This Is Why I’m Switching To Green Beauty This Is Why I’m Switching To Green Beauty

More and more brands are catching on to the demand for higher quality products due to the rise of smarter and better informed consumers. You’ve probably not unfamiliar with words like “green beauty," or even clean, natural, and organic beauty. But what do they mean? Does making this switch truly make an impact? Let’s find out.


What is green beauty?

“Green beauty” is a term that refer to product that is made true-to-nature, which is using naturally derived ingredients, without any questionable cosmetic ingredients like parabens, phthalates, SLSs and petroleum, etc. Green beauty products also can be products made with organic ingredients, or using sustainable and renewable resources when available. They are often more effective for the body and skin in the longer run.


So why green beauty?

Personal Benefits

  • Green beauty skin care products avoid harmful ingredients:
Just like we should care about what we eat and put in our body, avoiding processed food and eating as clean as possible. Green beauty products is best known for avoiding those toxic and harmful ingredients. Especially, study shows that with a higher frequency of organic food consumption was associated with a reduced risk of cancer. So it makes complete sense to think about what we are putting on our body too. And thanks to the nonprofit organizations, like Environmental Working Group (EWG), releases Shopper's Guide to help people avoid harmful ingredients and advocating for better brand transparency. Choosing natural and organic skin care for me, is about a holistic approach to not only focus on my health but creating a more sustainable lifestyle.


  • Green beauty products are made of natural and/or organic ingredients:

Natural beauty products are supposed to use ingredients derived directly from plants and other natural sources that are in their purest, synthetic-free form. And for those certified organic beauty products are taking it more seriously, by using ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and other additives or chemicals. In that way, you can be sure your skin and body get only real, pure ingredients that aren’t containing questionable ingredients. But make sure to look for certifications such “USDA Organic.”


  • Green beauty or organic products just work better!

Naturally, plants that are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and other additives or chemicals, will contain higher amount of potent nutrients. Certified organic beauty or skin care products work better simply because they are made with superior and less processed ingredients. It’s similar to the concept of cooking. Artificial or fake flavors and additives won’t give you a great dish. Instead, pure, fresh and simple ingredients often bring a tasty and nutrition rich dish. Beauty and skin care products work the same way as that. Better quality ingredients mean better quality products and more effective results. By choosing the USDA-certified organic beauty products, you can make sure your skin gets the best quality ingredients.


Environmental Benefits

  • Using Environment-Friendly Packaging

More and more green beauty companies are employing creative ways to use Eco-friendly packaging or plastic-free bottles for their beauty products. La Coéss packages Revitalisé organic face oil in heavy glass jars, which can be easily recycled, instead of plastic bottles. You can also recycle or reuse beauty and skin care product bottles and keep containers out of landfills!


  • Small batch instead of mass manufacturing

More and more beauty brands are taking a healthier, more eco-focused approach to not only their products, but also their manufacturing. Many brands that have adopted natural ingredients also manufacture their products in smaller batch with sustainable energy sources through certified facilities.


  • Banning Microbeads

The Microbead-Free Waters Act was passed in 2015, which banned microbeads as an ingredient in any personal care products in the U.S. Microbeads are those tiny plastic particles that all the way into the ocean, which pollute waters, and contaminate the food chain with toxins. Although mircobead products are still can be purchased, as of 2018 they can no longer be produced in the U.S. More and more countries also has announced plans to ban the microbeads in the near future.


Products made without toxins aren’t just better for you, they’re better for the environment. Because of the chemicals won’t be in the bottle, you won’t to worry about it goes to the environment. Without the use of herbicide and pesticide in the soil, the environment can repair itself and also reduces soil pollution. So invest in your health today and make the change to green beauty products if you haven’t already done so.

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