Should You Change Your Skin Care Product / Routine in the Summer? Should You Change Your Skin Care Product / Routine in the Summer?

Should You Change Your Skin Care Product / Routine in the Summer?

Should You Change Your Skin Care Product / Routine in the Summer? Should You Change Your Skin Care Product / Routine in the Summer?

When you picture your skin in the summer, you might envision glowing and smooth skin, but in reality, our skin actually can be attacked by a lot of environmental aggressors like sweat, sunburn and pollution, the premature aging can be developed. To battle this, you might want to get rid of all your winter skin care routine and get some new products. But you have to know if you should change your skin care routine and what you need to change to get those perfect summertime glow.

Skin Care Routine Key Elements

Now before we talk about the things you should change, we should mention the things that should remain constant no matter the time of year. These skin care products should be your stables in your skin care routine:

Broad-spectrum Sunscreen: Which should be applied liberally and often, the broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or higher is your first defense when it comes to combat skin damaging UV rays.

Masks: Face masks will enable you to give yourself a spa-like facial treatment from the comfort of your home. You can incorporate a weekly masking treatment into your skin care routine. Alternate between the pore purifying clay mask formulated with kaolin and bentonite clays, and the exfoliating face mask formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids.

Face oil / Serum: Pure botanical oils which obtained directly from plants are rich in highly concentrated antioxidants, which you will really need in the summer time. The antioxidants help combat with the free radicals caused by sunlight and pollutants in the environment, and help stimulate the collagen production of skin. It’s totally fine to keep using your favorite winter face oil, just make sure to reduce the amount you apply to the skin. Or you can switch to a lighter-weight face oil — try La Coéss REVITALISÉ Nutrient Organic Face Oil for a light-weight glow treatment for skin.

Now that you know your skincare stables, it’s time to discover the things you can make changes.

Tip #1: Make Small Changes
For those of you used creamier cleansers and more hydrating cream in the winter, you want to switch to foaming cleansers and lighter creams. Or even skip the cream opt for a lightweight face oil instead.

Tip #2: Choose Daily Sun Protection with SPF 50
Using sun protection all year around can never be over emphasized. This is because the danger of UV rays is always there, regardless of the season. We recommend that you wear an SPF30-50 to reduce the sign of premature aging and keep your skin in optimal condition long-term. If you made use of a lower SPF in the winter, then now is certainly the time to step it up with daily SPF – no excuses.

Tip #3:  Sunscreen Is Not Just For Your Face
The purpose of sunscreen is to protect all of your skin from sun exposure, it's not just for your face. The back of your neck, top of your ears, and the back of your hands are very important as well, especially if you wear your hair up and driving in summer. For those of you who are using a retinoid, AHA or vitamin C products which increase skin sensitivity, sunscreen is very important to use throughout the day.


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