14 Top Minimalist Lifestyle Pinterest Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now 14 Top Minimalist Lifestyle Pinterest Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

14 Top Minimalist Lifestyle Pinterest Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

14 Top Minimalist Lifestyle Pinterest Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now 14 Top Minimalist Lifestyle Pinterest Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

Internet can be a noisy place and it can be hard to find those much-needed moments of quiet. We've recently embraced the joys of the minimalism by discovery of these best Pinterest Accounts that effortlessly adopt a ‘less is more’ approach to life. So if you're looking for inspirations and ideas of how to get started or how to take your minimalism to the next level, scroll down to see our roundup of the 14 minimalist advocates to follow now.

Bonnie Tsang

The popular photographer, Bonnie Tsang, has been bringing her unique eye to lifestyle photography for over a decade.  A lot of her work has been featured in magazines such as Time, The Atlantic, Bon Appétit, and InStyle, with Time Magazine naming her one of the "Top 30 Pinterest Curators to Follow". Using social media as an outlet for her work, Bonnie Tsang was amassed a base of over 7 million followers on Pinterest. The unique thing about her Pinterest board is her ability to find the moment along with her negative-space framing and asymmetric composition has led to stunning pictures that have captured the essence of her subjects. Her minimalist view is an inspiration to all of us.


Cate St Hill

Cate St Hill is a design and interiors writer, blogger, stylist and consultant based in south London, UK. Her Pinterest board can be your interiors resource for simple, stylish living that’s curated with meaning, honesty and intention.

Cate's style is focused on Scandinavian-inspired spaces and pared-back interiors, where the neutral, understated decor becomes a backdrop for everyday life. With her board, Cate aims to show stylish spaces that are minimal yet feel authentic, honest, warm and inviting. As she says “it’s all about curating a home with less but better – prioritising simplicity, sustainability and design built to last”. You will definitely find a quiet and calming moment of inspirations that help you to create your own version of a happy, healthy home.


Mariana Quevedo

This amazing woman is both creator and communicator. Using the language of the visual rather than the verbal, she speaks to us in traces of thought captured through her lens and multi-layered forums. Mariana Quevedo although inspired by the past has moved to translate the present which can be seen on her Pinterest account. She might begin with something as brief as a moment, something as simple as a color palette or something as concrete as a found image and end by leading you into an experience with the visceral and the ethereal; a true minimalist.


Jacqueline Abernethy

This board is led by Jacqueline Abernethy, who is a a Graphic Designer based in the Toronto area. Her board details things that inspired her when she decided to live a more simple life, tips that helped her focus on enjoying the present moment and leaving materialism behind.


This City Thing

This is a thoughtfully curated London Lifestyle board, blending slow and simple minimalism with a chic and urban edge, and it offers inspiration, suggestions and tips that will help you curb your expenses, minimalist design inspiration and more.

This City Thing will show you everything you need to know about slow and simple minimalism with a chic and urban edge. You will also find pictures for inspiration, tips to help you decorate your minimalist home and more.
The focus of this board as a curated London lifestyle board is to highlight the beauty of less and ways of getting there, without losing the exciting and the cool of living in one of the best cities in the world.


This board is a lifestyle board which is run by Anna k and Sofia who collect things they like and are interested in. Their primary focus is on interior design and they often mix different styles and expressions too.

Pejper's board has information that will teach you about becoming a minimalist, getting rid of clutter and much more. You will also find minimalist quotes, design inspiration and tips to help you begin living a minimalist life today.

Rebecca Goddard

Rebecca Goddard is a Berlin based blogger with a keen eye for aesthetics and luster for design. RG Daily is where she shares her zeal for travel, style, interiors, and sustainably-minded living.

On her Pinterest board, you'll find suggestions, pictures and ideas that will help you live a minimalist lifestyle. For example, things that you can find here include minimalist hacks to maximize your life, how to build a minimalist wardrobe, minimalist kitchen essentials and more. Follow her board so you can start being a part of her journey.

Aye Lined

This board is run by Trona and here you’ll find a mix of beauty reviews, lifestyle articles and help to get you started and grow your Pinterest. Trina's advice - even if you are feeling down or a bit busy, take some time out and treat yourself to that face mask!

On her Pinterest board you’ll find information about the best makeup, organic skincare & beauty products. How to start a sustainable, slow living lifestyle ft slow fashion & style, minimalist interiors & more!


Bambi, also known as Emilia or Mika is girl with pink hair and a sense of humor. Bambi grew up in places such as Germany and Hungary, and is currently living in Poland, she’s a green tea lover, natural beauty enthusiastic, and minimalism photographer and blogger.

She created her Pinterest board as a way to find some inspiration, every day she adds new pins to the board. This board focuses not only about beauty but photography, architecture, food, fashion and lifestyle, it is all about skincare, nature and beauty.



TwentySixStyle is a board that focuses on fashion, beauty and travel, it follows a simple style philosophy. Jessica, the creator of TwentySixStyle, is a British lifestyle blogger who loves street style, minimal interior design and skincare, she put this board together to create a place explore both the new and the classic. Jessica really believes in sustainability when it comes to shopping so she tries to only feature pieces that are timeless, easy and chic.

Jessica Rose Williams Minimalism, Capsule Wardrobes & Slow Living

Jessica is a writer and blogger and her board is all about simplifying life, every nook and cranny of it. Jessica’s writing is all about simplicity, choice and freedom. Going through her Pinterest boards, you will find beautiful pictures about simple living, minimalism, interiors, inspirational quotes, capsule wardrobes, creativity, poetry and self care tips.

Driftwood Minimalism

Michelle is a writer, photographer, & minimalist. Driftwood Minimalism is where Michelle shows you stories, tips, and research she has collected from around the world to simplify your life. At the heart of Driftwood Minimalism is the concept of minimalism – of only having the essentials in your life and cutting out the rest.
Her Pinterest account show that minimalist interior design, slow living, and French girl style, etc. You will find a ton of inspiration for these boards.

Abi Dare | These Four Walls

Abi is a blogger, writer, photographer, stylist, minimalist, based in UK. Through her boards, you will find a ton of inspiration for simple, relaxed living at home and beyond. At the heart is her beliefs that good design is as much about wellbeing and mood as aesthetics, and that we should all take time to savour those little moments of simplicity and serenity that make daily life more enjoyable. Abi is a strong advocate of slow, considered design, and is looking beyond trends to create a timeless home.

The Lifestyle Files

The Lifestyle Files is all about intentional living with style, it is focused on how to design a smart, stylish, and more intentional life. Viktoria is also a huge skincare enthusiast and a lover of all things sleek and minimal. Through her boards and her blog, she shares her experiences, practical tips, musings, and personal stories to inspire people to find and focus on what really matters in their life and make the absolute best of it.
The lifestyle files can be your source of minimalist fashion, design, interiors, slow living, wellness, and personal growth tips and inspiration.



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