10 Clean Beauty YouTubers That Will Make You Want to Go #Green 10 Clean Beauty YouTubers That Will Make You Want to Go #Green

10 Clean Beauty YouTubers That Will Make You Want to Go #Green

10 Clean Beauty YouTubers That Will Make You Want to Go #Green 10 Clean Beauty YouTubers That Will Make You Want to Go #Green

For those of you that are into green, clean, and organic beauty products, you might have stumbled across this page looking for people that are very knowledgeable in this particular part of the beauty and skin care industry.

And you've come to the right place, in this article we'll talk about YouTube channels created and owned by inspiring young women who have a lot to say and teach through their videos. Whether they're product reviews, how-to’s, tips and insights are invaluable when it comes to navigating all things natural beauty. Now let's get started:


1. Cosmetics by Caroline

This lady is a well known Californian clean beauty lover, that is why her resettle island beauty products would be mascara and chapstick — she says “you can make lipstick and blush out of berries but chapped lips are the worst and mascara is a quick trick to looking put together!” Caroline works as a graphic designer and in her spare time runs a Youtube channel called “Cosmetics by Caroline” where she talks about all things green, clean beauty.

She started her YouTube channel to educate people on ways to use products that are not from synthetic origin. And she's doing a good job of that as Cosmetics by Caroline is very interesting to watch. Her channel is the one that every green beauty lover should subscribe too.

Instagram: @cosmeticsbycaroline


2. Sedona Christina

Sedona Christina is one of the most prolific low waste/low impact lifestyle YouTubers, as she has created hundreds of videos related to intentional living, wellness, low-waste life hacks, veganism, and eco-minimalism. You should subscribe to her channel if you are just starting to transition to a sustainable lifestyle.

Her channel is focused around intentional living, including videos about zero waste living, veganism, and self care. Christie's videos are pleasant to watch. From her videos, you can deduce that she is passionate about what she talks about and you will really appreciate how much she loves what she does. Don't forget to check out her Into Intentional Podcast.

Instagram: @sedonachristina


3. Reagan Hart

Regan is such an authenticity creator who always stay transparent and honest with her opinions. She is also a blogger and a website owner of reaganhart.co, and try her best to live an organic, green, clean, mindful lifestyle and educates people on how to live more sustainably.

Her YouTube channel talks about using natural products for skin care and makeup. The videos are fun to watch and you should subscribe to her channel.

Instagram: @reagan.r.hart


4. Green Beauty Trish

Trish, although originally only into perfumes, owns a YouTube Channel that is dedicated primarily to green beauty, and we say primarily, because she doesn’t claim to be a purist but someone who is constantly learning. And she enjoys sharing what she has learned and loves to chat about the beautiful products she has discovered. Living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two sons, Trish is also a nurse midwife. Her goal is to provide you information on the best of what is out there in the world of green beauty and fragrance.

Her videos are really informative and a must watch for those of you who are into green beauty. Don’t forget to check out her mindful beauty blog as well.

Instagram: @greenbeautytrish


5. L’Amour et la Musique

We introduce to you Mercedes Lyson, an Eco-luxe Youtuber + Blogger who creates beauty, conscious living and sociological thinking videos on her channel, we highly recommend that you check her out.

She also gives reviews on already existing beauty products and you can trust her views and not only is this woman super intelligent and gorgeous, but she is honest, thoughtful and so detailed in her reviews. There are very few people that can review a beauty product quite like Mercedes.

Instagram: @lamouretlamusique


6. Ula Blocksage

This well read lady is an English born, Australian-raised, creative consultant and commercial photographer based in Paris, France.

Aside all her other businesses, she also runs a natural beauty blog and YouTube Channel where she regularly reviews organic and natural skincare products, shares DIY recipes, holistic wellness advice, authentic and sustainable travel experiences and tips and tricks to gaining a more healthy and glowing complexion.

The knowledge she gives through her YouTube channel is absolutely awesome, thousands of women have subscribed to her channel and so should you.

Instagram: @ulablocksage


7. Sarah Tran

Sarah Tran is a Canadian YouTuber aiming to inspire people to live a cleaner, non-toxic, positive and active lifestyle. Her instagram account is sarahhtran.

Her YouTube channel is dedicated to green, mindful & low-waste living, and she doesn't disappoint her subscribers with the inspiring content.

Instagram: @sarahhtran


8. The Green Bunny

Just like the name says, this channel dedicated just green beauty products and techniques.

It doesn't matter if you're totally new to green beauty or are a seasoned expert, Ashley is happy to show you what's hot and what's not in the green beauty world. The videos on her channel range from makeup tutorials to product reviews, including skincare, makeup, and more. This young lady is all about making conscious decisions in life, style, and beauty. Strong commitment to using products that are cruelty free and sharing my inspiration with you all.

Instagram: @greenbunnyvideo


9. Kristen Arnett's Green Beauty

Kristen Arnett is an international makeup artist for over two decades, she has worked with women from over 50 countries, spanning the ages of 13 to 90. And she says that makeup is only part of the intangible allure of what makes women beautiful.

Her videos are always filed with helpful resources to help you make positive, healthy lifestyle changes that will transform how you look and feel about your own beauty every day, and at the age you’re at right now.

Instagram: @kristenarnettbeauty


10. The Glow Getter

Ailish Lucas is a natural and organic beauty blogger and a trained makeup artist from the London College of Fashion, a trained beauty therapist, a multi award winning beauty blogger, voted as one of the top 25 people moving natural beauty forward in the UK, and a pretty darn great marketing consultant. Yep she's a pretty darn impressive woman.

She's very into green beauty as her YouTube channel will help you create mineral makeup, hair treatment gels, through her tutorials. Her channel just talks about everything green beauty. After watching her videos, you will be an expert on organic skin care, hair care, wellness mindfulness and other areas that will make you healthy organically.

Instagram: @theglowgetterofficial


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