How to Travel and Look Awesome: Essential Tips for Healthy, Happy Skin While Traveling How to Travel and Look Awesome: Essential Tips for Healthy, Happy Skin While Traveling

How to Travel and Look Awesome: Essential Tips for Healthy, Happy Skin While Traveling

How to Travel and Look Awesome: Essential Tips for Healthy, Happy Skin While Traveling How to Travel and Look Awesome: Essential Tips for Healthy, Happy Skin While Traveling

Preparing for a vacation in a distant location can come with mixed feelings as you have to prepare yourself for place with a new climate. And so you will also need to get products that will take care of your skin. Always be prepared!

No matter the location you're going to, this guide will leave you prepared for any climate condition.



So you might want to start preparing a few days before you fly. A good product to use while flying is a moisturizer which will keep your skin hydrated and resistant to the dry pressurized hair of a plane that can render your skin flaky and dry if it's not adequately moisturized. This is why we advise that you make use of effective moisturizers. You can also use a face mask if you know the flight will take some time.

You should also pack some high quality face oil, if you don't have any, then you need to try some, face oil is a total game changer, even if it's not cheap. It will be worth it in the long run as combination of face oils with anti aging ingredients can give your skin the nutrients and protection it needs.

Some advice: While in the air you should drink a lot of water as recirculated plane air will dehydrate both the skin and the body. You should also stay away from snacks filled with salt and sugar, because that dehydrate your body as well, better to stick with nuts, seeds and dried fruit.



No matter where you are going, try and maintain your usual skin care routine. If the products you use are working for you then you shouldn't change them. If you have a skin condition, then you shouldn't change anything at all even if you're traveling. Note that this only applies if the products you're using are working for you.

You may be surprised that an eczema or rash outbreak can occur when you change skin products, and people usually do this when traveling somewhere. So try to be consistent.

One way to make this easier for you is to make use travel sized versions of your best products. Or you can simply transfer these products into smaller containers.



If for any reason you can only carry a few things where you are going then carry only the essentials. No point to struggling to carry products that you might not use. And what we consider essentials are: Sunscreen with at least SPF 30, makeup wipes, facial cleanser, and a high quality face oil. These products can be used at any time of the day. You can skip on the serums and toners.

Also, treatment products for your skin should also be carried along to avoid a flare of any kind notably a rash, acne or eczema.

Another thing you can do is use contact lens cases for products you need in smaller quantities (such as eye creams) to maximize saving space.



Sunburn and tanning are distinct possibilities but totally avoidable. Pick skin care products that can be used for multiple purposes. Replace cream and moisturizers in favor of face oil, which can be an anti-oxidants treatment as well as moisturizer. And don’t forget a physical SPF that packs a punch. “Look for something with zinc or titanium as the active ingredient or a mineral-based formula. These don’t allow harmful rays to penetrate the top layers of skin,” says dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad.

You'll also need to invest in post–sun skin care as the sun can cause your skin to have blemishes through the action of all the sweat, and salty air. Cleansing wipes can also come in handy when your skin gets oily or sweaty. Face wash is another option you can consider as it'll help balance your skin's pH level.



Going up north to Europe or India in the middle of summer will do horrible things to your complexion. Even though you might not experience breakouts from the hot temperature, you will still end up with super dry skin. So do your best to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and frequently using moisturizers and lotions. “Skin serums containing hyaluronic acid is ideal,” says Dr. Sharad.  You should try taking quicker showers with water at lower temperatures. Apply aloe vera after baths to avoid irritation and after being out for long in the warm weather, this is sure to prevent irritation and to keep ultra smooth skin. Definitely add face oil to seal for moisturizer loss. And of course, SPF. “Pick a sun cream with a lightweight, hydrating formula,” she says.



If you're going somewhere cold like the Alps or maybe the slopes of Cotswold, then you'll need to equip yourself with ultra-moisturizing and non comedogenic skin care products that will protect your skin from the cold. Just because it's cold, doesn't mean you should use sun protecting formulas as you'll need them on the beach. Dr. Sharad says "A face oil that doesn’t clog pores is a good pre-step before stepping outdoors because it forms a protective barrier from harsh weather". Indoor heating can cause your skin to get chapped and raw which is why you need to pay attention to your hands and lips. You should also stay away from hot showers and over scrubbing your skin as these things can make your skin dry faster.


Check out this post, to find how to choose the right face oil for you.

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