11 YouTube Channels We’re Following For Sustainable & Conscious Living Inspiration 11 YouTube Channels We’re Following For Sustainable & Conscious Living Inspiration

11 YouTube Channels We’re Following For Sustainable & Conscious Living Inspiration

11 YouTube Channels We’re Following For Sustainable & Conscious Living Inspiration 11 YouTube Channels We’re Following For Sustainable & Conscious Living Inspiration

Searching for content on minimalism or need quick tips from a zero-waste pioneer? The concept of minimalism isn’t about being choosy about lamps and vases, rather it’s being choosy about what means the most to us, as people, and where we want to direct our energy. In this article we've highlighted 11 different YouTube channels we’re following that showcase how minimalism works differently in people’s lives, and how it reflects and amplifies the values and goals of those who practice it.

The Girl Gone Green

The Girl Gone Green is here to inspire and educate people on how to be better versions of themselves- to live sustainably and consciously. Manuela is the soul behind the channel and through her journey of living a low waste, minimal, plant based life with intention, she learned about magnitude of our environmental crisis. Her blog - TheGirlGoingGreen.com and Instagram @thegirlgonegreen are also included so many fun and sustainable stuff, you should check out as well!

Meghan Livingstone

This channel is all about getting back to basics, that is real food, practical lifestyle tips, rekindling our relationship with nature, intuitive eating (and living), and a little bit of minimalism sprinkled in there, too. Meghan is also a holistic nutritionist. You will learn quite a lot by subscribing to Meghan’s channel and following her blog - MeghanLivingstone.com Instagram @meghanlivingstone

Simple Victoria

This YouTube channel was created by Victoria since 2016, she’s been on a journey of simpler, healthier and more meaningful life by focusing on the essentials. On her channel, Victoria inspires people by sharing useful contents about minimalism, intentional living, and self-development, she also shows how removing the excess in life can allow you to find greater peace, love, and happiness.
Her Instagram @simplevictoria_ is also loaded with fresh concepts and ideas, you can learn a lot by subscribing to her channel.

Tiffany DeSilva

This talented influencer has a green beauty YouTube channel and blog - SimpleSilva.com. For those of you who don’t have the most knowledge on this topic, instead of regurgitating a bunch of information you researched, you will benefit from someone who is deep in this green beauty lifestyle and that person is Tiffany DeSilva. On her YouTube channel, Tiffany posts content highlighting the story behind indie brands and finding out how they came to be.
 She offers great advice and you can learn a lot from reading her blog post and don’t forget to her Instagram @tiffany_desilva.

My Green Closet

My Green Closet is a YouTube channel focused on building a sustainable, ethical, and minimal wardrobe. Verena sincerely believes in 'buying less but better' and make videos about sustainable fashion, capsule wardrobes, natural beauty, and simplifying. We have no doubt, that with the help of My Green Closet, you can create a conscious style you love.
Verena also owns a blog - MyGreenCloset.com, and Instagram @verenaerin that talks about sustainable and ethical fashion, green beauty discovery, minimalism, and living more mindful and conscious life.

Detox Your Life

The videos on Detox Your Life help you heal your Mind, Body and Soul, showing you natural remedies for anxiety and making them it accessible to everyone, with a big picture perspective about the end-life of the objects we buy. Emma is truly good at breaking down the big concepts of minimalism into approachable and bite sized servings that really land. And she empowers people to make a change to natural, green, organic lifestyle like she has!
Follow Emma’s Instagram @chemicaldetox

Green Beauty Collective

The mission of this YouTube channel is for you to feel connected to yourself and your environment through natural beauty. Amanda and Jacqueline do just that as their beauty education hub goes beyond "what you should look like" and supports you in how you ultimately want to feel.
Amanda and Jacqueline also run a website - TheGreenBeautyCollective.com. It teaches how to feel connected to an individual’s lifestyle or need as well as showing total compassion for humans, animals and mama earth. They are committed to making healthy beauty accessible for everyone and educating consumers about low impact beauty and moderate choices.
Follow Jacqueline’s Instagram @beautyreawakened and Amanda’s Instagram @amandagangoso


TheGreenQueen is created by Andie and she is passionate about living an Eco Conscious and Plant Based lifestyle while sharing about Green Beauty. Andie created this YouTube channel and Instagram in 2014 and she loves sharing her favorite Eco finds, creating makeup looks, and sharing lifestyle interests!
Follow Andie’s Instagram @andiethegreenqueen

Going Zero Waste

If you're looking for a waste free channel, you've come to the right place! Going Zero Waste is focused on mindfulness and living life with intention. Kathryn is the one behind the channel, and sharing how she ditches plastic, removes harmful chemicals from the home, and reduces the waste.
She also owns a blog - GoingZeroWaste.com which tries to help others improve their personal health, improve the health of the planet, and most importantly she wants everyone to know our choices matter. Whether little or large, the changes you make add up to a huge positive impact. Don’t forget to follow her Instagram @going.zero.waste

Sustainably Vegan

Sustainably Vegan will help and inspire you to live as Low Impact as possible with what you have reasonably available to you. On this channel, Immy will teach you everything from how to DIY your own hair products, to shopping unpackaged and lobbying your local government to change, through this channel, she wants to inspire you to make a difference and find your inner sustainable warrior. Her perspective is that a Low Impact lifestyle is about finding small ways to alter our behavior over time to make a huge impact in our own individual way. Check out her Instagram @sustainably_vegan and her blog - SustainablyVegan.org

Blue Ollis

Blue Ollis, the creator of this channel, is a keen advocate of living sustainably and intentionally, she is a UK based blogger and YouTuber sharing her journey through veganism, sustainability, zero-waste, minimalism and holistic wellness.
The content on this channel ranges from low-waste living and minimalism to plant-based recipes and holistic wellness and every post is designed with clean, simple, green living in mind. Follow Blue’s Instagram @blueollis


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